Handover inspections

Handover Inspections

Handover inspections are also known as Practical Completion Inspections. Handover inspections are undertaken once the construction process has been completed and the property has had its final clean.

Handover inspections are an opportunity to have an independent, industry professional  provide you with an inspection and report prior to the final payment being made to your builder. A handover report will provide you with the opportunity to have any defects corrected prior to making this final payment.

Our customers are most welcome to attend their handover inspections if possible. If you are an overseas or interstate investor, we will phone you after your handover inspections have been completed to let you know the outcome. Written reports will also be provided within 24 hours of the handover inspections.

If you have any particular concerns, let us know during the booking process and these will also be noted by our inspectors.

Some clients are unsure if they require both a Building and a Pest inspection handover inspection and report. Even though a new termite barrier will have been installed during the construction process, termite barriers can also and do become compromised sometimes during the construction and final landscaping stages.

Items such as concreting, rendering, paving, down pipes, rainwater tanks and air conditioners my conceal weep holes or compromise or damage the termite barrier.

We have found several houses built by the same builder in one housing estate that all had the same concreting issues.  These issues had seriously affected the termite barriers of these new properties.  These properties all required expensive, remedial action after we had undertaken handover inspections of these properties for our clients.

If you would like to arrange a handover inspection please contact us with the details of your property and a date when your property will have been completed and had its final clean. We can then provide you a quotation and arrange a date with the builder or supervisor to undertake your handover inspection/s for you.

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