Termite inspections

If you have found live termites don’t panic!

Leave the termites undisturbed in their dark environment so they don’t relocate elsewhere in your property.

Termites- working-gold-coastDon’t break up their mud tubes or disturb the material they are feeding on.

If the termites remain in their location your termite inspector will be able to quickly identify their species and locate their colony.

Cover and protect the area until your inspector arrives.

Do not spray the termites with household or other sprays.

Termite prevention

The Australian standards recommend that all properties in Queensland have a termite inspection undertaken at least every 12 months as we are located in a high termite risk area.

If your property adjoins bushland, termite inspections may be recommended more often. Undertaking regular inspections will assist in the prevention of termites from entering your home.

Termite mudding found in sub-floor area Stored goods concealing weep holes & concrete slab edge






In between inspections by your licenced pest inspector, you can also undertake your own routine termite inspections of your property.

  •  Look for signs of termite activity e.g. mudding.
  • Check for areas that have high levels of moisture that could attract termites.
  • Keep the edges of your foundations clear from vegetation, stored goods and bark etc.
  • Have clear visibility all weep holes
  • Fix all leaks
  • Check timbers for signs of decay and rotting.
  • Check all weep holes for signs of termite entry .

Termite management

Visit our resources page for more information and fact sheets regarding termite prevention and termite management.

All homes are different regarding the types of termite protection they require. Older homes in Beenleigh and Brisbane are often high-set homes. Gold Coast homes are mostly constructed as slab on the ground.






These two different styles of construction will require different types of termite protection. Some homes may even require more than one method to protect the home from termite attacks.

Termite inspections before renovations, repairs or additions

If you are planning to undertake renovations, repairs or additions to your home, make sure that you have a timber pest inspection undertaken prior to commencement of construction works. Install any new preventative treatments recommended by your pest inspector to make sure that your new construction work will not compromise the existing termite protection for the dwelling and leave it open to termite attack.

Even the smallest addition or renovation may breach the termite protection of the whole dwelling.

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