Pre-auction building and pest inspections

Pre-Auction inspections

Are you buying a property at Auction?

When you purchase a property at Auction your contract will not normally be conditional upon obtaining satisfactory building and pest inspection reports.

To protect yourself from the unknown and the possibility of hidden repair costs, you should be well prepared before you bid. Arrange for your own independent building and pest inspections to be undertaken prior to the auction date.

We highly recommend that you follow through on ALL recommendations made in your reports for further inspections prior to purchasing a property.

Sometimes auction properties have building and pest reports available for viewing. However, these are often arranged by the owner or agent. Unless these reports have your name on them, they offer you no protection as a purchaser and are informational only.

If you are offered a report for sale from an agent, be aware that not only is this illegal, it will provide you with absolutely no protection. You need a report with your own name and details on it to be protected. A report with another persons or no name on it is a read only copy of a report with no protection or insurance cover for you.

If you have the winning bid when the hammer goes down, you are deemed to purchase the property as it is!

Without your own reports you will have no recourse for termite damage that was present at the time of purchase or for the repair of serious defects. Your home insurance policy will not cover you for termite damage. It will also not cover you for other damage that was evident at the time of purchase.


Our building & pest inspection Services include:


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